Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Hello Class! Please check out the Ceramic Arts Daily website. It is a fantastic resource for many things ceramic. Welcome Mitch, Aya, Dan, and Susan Rose to the Tuesday class! It is great to have you. And to all of you, please feel free to email me any suggestions or questions you may have. The next 6 weeks of class will consist of lots of work (hopefully fun) and demos that I am organizing to correspond with the one or two forms each of you have chosen to focus on during this session.

Class 3: plates and platters
Class 4: pitchers and vases
Class 5: mugs and handles
Class 6: glazing and spraying
Class 7: large jars
Class 8: group critique and potluck

Also, please scroll down and check out any peruse previous posts that may be of interest. Our new artist of the month is Christa Assad (just click on the image of her pitchers to the right to see her website) Reminder: if you are taking the workshop, please sign up and pay in the office so that she can be confirmed and not canceled!
Have a great week!