Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Artist of the Month

Hello Armory Regulars,
Welcome back Susan Lane, Susan Rose, Stewart, Stephen, Debra, and Welcome our new addition Betsy!
I am going to be posting a new artist each month for us to research and discover or re-discover. Simply clicking on the image to the right of Josh DeWeese's lovely large jar will bring you to a collection of his work at the Harvey-Meadows Gallery. Clicking on the artists' names and art organizations I post on the columns to the right will bring you straight to the easy! Please send along any suggestions you have for this blog to my email address:
Also, I will be focusing on some of the information presented in Clary Illian's book: A Potter's Workbook, so, if you have that book, please bring it to class, and if not, I will make copies for you. If you would like to purchase it, (it is truly fabulous), you can do so on for 14$
Have a fantasic Thanksgiving if I won't be seeing you next Tuesday! If you will be here on Tuesday - I am bringing homemade brownies!